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Rapid access counselling

Free single-session counselling to all Albertans

Supportive, change-focused conversation.

Rapid Access Counselling (RAC) provides you and your family with a supportive, change-focused conversation at the right time. RAC is real help, within the reach of every Albertan.



Change. One conversation at a time. 

Tailored for families

RAC is tailored to support caregivers and children with a focus on healthy child development, supporting caregiver capacity, and promoting resilience within the family.

Easy to access

RAC is confidential, practical, and because it’s virtual, doesn’t require travel. Appointments are available Monday to Friday by secure video or phone, including some evenings.


RAC is available for individuals, couples, and families, at no cost to you.

How does it work?


Create a Jane account


You provide brief information on this secure site.


Pick the session time that works best for you

Choose the counselling time, Monday to Friday, that works for you.


Your counselling session

Some people find that one 75 minute counselling session is enough to address their needs. Other options for support can also be discussed during your session.

RAC is available province-wide as part of a collaboration between The Family Centre in Edmonton and Kindred in Calgary, supporting Alberta Family Resource Networks (FRN).


You can book a session through an FRN in your area, online at or by calling 1.877.244.2360.


Frequently asked questions

Who’s eligible for Rapid Access Counselling? 

The service is for caregivers with children under the age of 18 in the home, or for youth and children under 18 themselves (with their guardians' consent). If you think a supportive and changed-focused conversation could help you resolve a current stressor, or move through an ongoing struggle, Rapid Access Counselling is for you. 

You can book a virtual appointment (phone or secure video) as an individual, couple, or family. 

What is Single Session Counselling?

Single Sessions are designed to help you find solutions to move forward – whether that’s one-time help to get over a bump in the road, or a step at a time in a longer journey. And with Rapid Access Counselling, one session is often enough. You choose when and if to book again.


Our outcomes show that 85% of clients reported their degree of hopelessness, anxiety and distress were reduced as a result of just one single session appointment. If the issue persists, or you’re facing a new challenge, you can book another appointment through any FRN, at or by calling 1.877.244.2360.

What can counselling help me with? 

Counselling can focus on parenting, relationships, mental health, grief, stress, and more. If you’re not sure if Rapid Access Counselling is for you, contact your nearest Family Resource Network for more information, or call 1.877.244.2360. 

What is the cost? 

There is no cost associated with Rapid Access Counselling for children under 18 or their caregivers, thanks to the support of the Government of Alberta.  

How long will I have to wait? 

We’re ready when you are. Virtual appointments with a qualified therapist are open Monday to Friday.  Multiple daytime, and some evening sessions are usually available within 3 business days. 

What if a child under 18 is attending counselling?

If a minor is engaging in counselling, we will require consent from all of their guardians. The counsellor will connect with you before the session to make sure all the right consents are in place. We ask that at least one guardian remains present for the duration of the appointment (either in the session, or just in the same building as the young person for virtual sessions).

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For more information
contact your nearest Family Resource Network
or call 1.877.244.2360.

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